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Martin Scrive

Registered Massage Therapist | Gatineau (Hull)

Massages & Rates


 Receipts provided for health insurance claims



At my office

60 minutes: $90 

90 minutes: $115

120 minutes: $135 


At your home or cottage (mobile) 

60 minutes: $105 (one person) $95 (two person or more) 

90 minutes: $135 (one person) $125 (two person or more)

120 minutes: $160 (per person)

(all prices include taxes)


Sport massage

This massage, which draws upon Swedish and shiatsu techniques, can reach great depths thanks to the use of forearms, fists and elbows. Whether for injury prevention prior to a sports competition or to aid with recovery after sports activity, the sports massage can help you feel and perform better. There is no need to be an athlete to receive a sports massage!



Swedish massage

Fusing depth and gentleness, long and fluid movements, in-depth techniques such as kneading, friction and drainage, the Swedish massage offers a period of relaxation coupled with muscular relief and recovery.



Therapeutic neck massage

Thanks to a micro massage focused on the neck, shoulder and head, this technique enable the release of muscular tension due to repetitive work in front of the computer screen, a sedentary lifestyle or the accumulation of daily stress. This massage will also help promote neck mobility and prevent headaches and migraines.



This massage involves application of pressure to the feet and hands by using specific techniques without the use of oil or lotion.



Refer me and $ave on your next massage!

Recommend me to someone you know who receives a massage from us, and save 10$ on your next massage

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