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Martin Scrive

Registered Massage Therapist | Gatineau (Hull)


Martin Scrive

I have been a massage therapist since 1996 and I worked at the Hull Sportheque during my first 8 years of practice. I acquired valuable experience over this period thanks to a diversified customer base which was either sports oriented, with specific needs or simply desiring to relax.


An active triathlete since 2004 and a lifelong sports practitioner, I've completed 14 Ironman and over 22 half-Ironman races.  I enjoy everything related to sports, nutrition, general health and, of course, massages.I completed my training in Swedish massages and shiatsu pressure point massages (pressure points) and subsequently specialized in sports massages and therapeutic neck massages. I am located in Gatineau.

Registered Massage Therapist Martin Scrive
Martin Scrive- Registered Massage Therapist- Hull
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